5 Convincing Reasons to join a local Business Directory

A listing in a business directory is an ideal way to drive traffic to your business website. It makes sense to get your local business information into the places people are already going to find businesses like yours, rather than simply hoping they’ll find you in search results.

Where do you look when you want to find a local business?

Google, of course! Google is by far the biggest business directory in the world. Today, Google is inserting itself between consumer and local business websites much more often.

Online listings build brand awareness and give exposure to your products and services.

Let’s examine the five ways it could benefit your business:

What is a Business Directory?

A directory is a searchable online listing of local or sector specific businesses. Users can filter results by category, sector or location of business. By searching in this way, users can find the exact product or service they’ve already made a decision to purchase.

Who can add a business listing?

Any organisation can take out a listing. Some directories specialise in sectors, such as trades and professional services. Others limit themselves to geographical areas, like ours covers Northampton and surrounding areas. Most directories offer listings to all shapes and sizes of company, from corporates and charities to SMEs and family businesses.

Why join a Business Directory, then?

1. Boost Credibility & Trust

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A listing on a reputable directory is a sign of a trustworthy business. Most directories have an internal vetting process to check out businesses before they agree to promote them. If your chosen directory doesn’t operate this way, consider whether you’ll be in good company on their site.

When it comes to choosing a supplier, positive customer reviews could clinch the deal. Advertising on a directory with customer reviews works in your favour. Positive customer feedback generates extra free marketing for you.

2. Social Media Support

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With over 2bn active users on Facebook every month, it’s by far the biggest social media platform. Add Instagram and LinkedIn to the mix and managing social media becomes time-consuming and expensive.

If you’re struggling to build a social media following, tapping into an existing audience can give this a boost. Reputable directories serve an audience and groups across social media platforms.

3. An affordable way to advertise

Advertising in a local business directory is a cost-effective way to advertise, particularly if you are trying to attract a local audience – our monthly business directory is one example!

4. Make local business connections

Business directories build supportive communities. New and established businesses can connect with other companies in the area. You can find and interact with people offering complementary services. You’ll gain referrals and benefit from mutual support. This can be invaluable to freelancers and sole traders.

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5. Increased visibility and awareness

A business listing can massively improve your chances of getting your brand in front of new clients. People who search business directories are looking for a product or service provider. These are warm contacts, prepared to buy. A business directory works like a business development manager. It grows your business, even when you’re asleep!

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