Are full-page directory ads better?

It is a fact of life that consumers are drawn to engaging images and graphics.

So, bearing this in mind, should your business consider a full-page advert, or a half-page? Let’s explore your options.

Get your business noticed

15% more readers reported that they saw full-page ads than reported seeing half-page ads. An additional 30% read full-page ads over half pages.

The boost in reader engagement with larger ads reinforces the decision to invest in larger advertising, even if the upgrade is to a larger fractional ad.

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Choose a full-page design advert, and only pay HALF PRICE – offer held until 28/2/20

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If you upsize your advert, commit to advertising for 3 months – and receive a 20% discount

When people use a business directory to find restaurants, car repairs or other businesses, they are more likely to pay attention to a bigger box ad.

The bigger size advert can suggest that your company is a leader in the industry and that you are successful.

If successful, your directory ad can lead to more business and the ability to stand out above competitors.

Choosing to upsize your business directory ad means your ad is also digital, for only £10+VAT a month. The best of both worlds!