Facebook advertising vs printed advertising

This article investigates the best marketing strategy for your local business – is print or digital the way forward?

We all want value for money, and that is definitely true when marketing your business, you want the best value for the least money.

These are some areas to consider when deciding where your marketing budget is allocated:

Money, money, money

The big one (and the main one).

As with any marketing strategy, your return on investment must be calculated to see tangible results from your efforts.

Printed adverts in local magazines are considerably more costly than digital ads on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that they are more effective.

Top tip: Ensure you understand how to set up digital ads properly to encourage maximum clicks, and additionally be able to analyse your results.


The beauty of advertising on Facebook is that you can significantly pinpoint your target audience by your successful demographic areas. The same cannot be said for print marketing.

However, advertising in local magazines has the benefit of reaching potential audiences that are already interested in your business services, as they are local to where they live.

Top tip: Do your research into target demographics for the most successful customer reach.


Social media users are inundated with ads, and with the option of being able to ‘turn off’ specific ads, it may mean your carefully placed Facebook ad isn’t seen.

This is where printed media comes into play – a tangible copy of a local magazine with a nicely laid out advert sticks around on the table for longer, meaning subconsciously your advert is getting through!

Top tip: Consider a call to action with your magazine ad, such as a money off voucher or discount code to use online.


There is a solution to this debate, a solution which requires no drastic decisions!

Why not place an advert in your local business directory, or launch a leaflet distribution campaign, in addition to an online listing?

This way, your advert has much more chance of exposure to your target audiences, be it through their letterbox or in their inbox.

Top tip: Be sure to experiment with different ad call to actions, and analyse the results to see which performs best.

If you don’t have a solid marketing strategy, get in touch with our experts, and we will be more than happy to guide you through the best strategy for your Northamptonshire business.