FAQs: Northamptonshire Leaflet Distribution

Many advertising leaflets are hanging from an overloaded letterbox. Spam concept.

Having been in the leaflet distribution business for some years now, we consider ourselves experts in all things leaflets.

We thought it would be useful to put together a FAQ blog solely on leaflet distribution, to hopefully answer your questions, and for you to come up with a leaflet distribution strategy for your Northamptonshire business.

Let’s go.

How can I guarantee my leaflets will be delivered?

We can guarantee your leaflets will be delivered using our tracking system.

Taking care of all the pre-delivery preparation work; and through uniquely designed GPS tracking, we can provide a time-stamped record of each house that has been visited. This proof of delivery is the ultimate reassurance that they’ll get what you pay for, and that means you can win more business at a higher rate.

You will receive absolute peace of mind that your job has been fully delivered. Check out this page for more information on GPS tracking.

How much will my leaflet campaign cost?

calculating cost using a laptop and calculator

The pricing is dependent on the number of properties that you are delivering to, and how often.

Contact us for a personalised quote.

What is Solus leaflet distribution?

This is when your leaflets are delivered on their own, with no other leaflets. Solus is obviously more expensive as we have no other clients contributing towards the delivery costs.

How many leaflets do I need?

This is a bit of a “How long is a piece of string” question!

Check out our article How Many Leaflets Does Your Northamptonshire Business Need to Order? article for in-depth answers on this question.

Who makes the deliveries?

All distributors who work for Local Traders are properly trained adults, living in the local area, adhering to our delivery ethics.

For any other leaflet distribution questions you may have, or to arrange your next leaflet campaign, get in touch, we will be more than happy to help!