How to Write Great Sales Copy for Leaflets in Northamptonshire

When any person running a business is looking to write great sales copy for leaflets, they should keep their eyes and ears open to anything that could help their enterprise, and never stop learning.

For instance, the door drop leaflet business depends, to some extent, on the ability to get a sales message by using copy on the leaflets. Now there are people out there who are very good copywriters and plenty of them are willing to pass on their knowledge.

Sometimes advice that could help them comes from sources outside of their Northampton business. But, sometimes advice can come from writers who are not involved in direct selling, and these are the writers of fiction.

People who run creative writing courses are often telling their students they should “show, not just tell” in their writing.

Entrepreneurs who have spent months or years developing their project become so wrapped up in it they let their enthusiasm run away with them, and their sales copy reflects this.

They assume their readers will be as enthusiastic and know as much about the project as they do. Their sales copy tells the reader what it is but does not show what it does and how they will benefit from it.

A leaflet must tell and show as much about the project on offer as possible, while not over-complicating the leaflet itself. This can be done with the use of bullet points, a short sentence or two, and some carefully chosen images that relate.

young woman reading leaflet

There is a saying that advertising is what you do when you can’t be there in person. How would you sell your business in Northampton?

So if your sales copy just talks about what a product or service can do but doesn’t show its benefits, it may not produce the required result; an enquiry.

Want great copy for your leaflets in Northampton?

If you are looking for some advice on how you can get copy that shows and tells prospects about your product service in Northampton, get in touch with us today and let us tell you how to produce copy for your leaflet that will engage with your prospective customers.