Hire a handyman

Everyone needs to know a handyman. Preferably a local, reliable one.

So how do you find one?

Our online and print business directory includes listings for approved handymen (and women!), and this article covers some frequently asked questions about handymen.

What services do handymen provide?

Handymen typically carry out home repairs – which can range from fixing fences, replacing fence panels to re-grouting bathroom tiles. Other duties undertaken by handymen are general home maintenance, which can involve an element of garden maintenance, depending on the skill set.

handyman with tape measure

What is the difference between a handyman and a contractor?

When you hire a handyman to undertake work in your home or business, this would typically involve general maintenance duties. These could include a leaking tap that needs fixing, or maybe some painting.

A contractor is someone you would hire that is qualified in a specific trade, such as plumbing, electrics, plastering. Handymen complete tasks which are not complicated enough to require certification, such as electricians, while not simple enough to do without relevant technical knowledge.

handywoman working on grouting tiles

What is a professional name for a handyman?

Other names include:

  • Jack-of-all-trades
  • Labourer
  • Odd-job man
  • Fixer

What skills should a handyman have?

A handyman should have a basic maintenance skill set, including:

  • Proven experience
  • Basic knowledge of electrical equipment and tools for hardware
  • Repairing equipment or appliances
  • Identifying and reporting the requirement for major repairs
  • Basic painting skills
  • Trade skills
multi cultural hands working with dewalt drill on carpentry skills

Basically, a handyman should have skills to be able to manage odd jobs that crop up around the home to keep it running and maintained.

Should a handyman be licensed and insured?


By doing so, you are protecting yourself from liability. If a handyman gets injured whilst working on a project at your home or business and does not have insurance, they can potentially sue you for any damages.

Most handymen need a general liability insurance policy, which covers property damage, third-party incidents, and any other damage to the property that they are working in at the time.

superman dressed as a handyman with plaid shirt and overalls

How do I find a reliable handyman?

You can ask friends for their recommendations if they’ve recently had repairs done at home.

All listings in the Local Traders business directory, both printed and online, are verified by us, and many offer free advice and quotes, so you can shop around until you feel comfortable hiring a handyman to maintain your home.