How businesses benefit from giving back to the local community

We hear about it a lot. How giving back helps not just the community you are helping, but how it can help your business, too.

Why is it important to give back to your community?

You will probably find that your company’s employees enjoy giving some of their time to volunteer and support their community, as doing so gives people a valued sense of purpose and wellbeing. A win-win for everyone!

Why do businesses support their community?

Businesses who make the decision to give back to their local communities do so to create a sense of purpose, but also to grow their brand awareness and reputation amongst locals.

There are many tangible advantages to giving back to the community, when done through a business:

Strengthen business brand

When a business participates in local fundraising initiatives, there are lots of opportunities to get the brand name out there.

Recruit and retain staff

Employees seek employment in businesses which display similar values, demonstrating moral, ethical and caring behaviours and attitudes.

Positive public relations

Consumers tend to purchase products and services from businesses that demonstrate support in their local communities.

Examples of strengthening business brands include logos on t-shirts to increase name recognition within the community.

work employees holding up coloured speech bubbles demonstrating giving back to charity ideas

How can your businesses support your local community?

Some ideas include your business can look to implement include:

  • Offering services for free

This is a great way for people who prefer one-to-one engagement to contribute to their cause of choice. Whether they donate time to mentor and teach new job skills, or provide free services for an organisation, volunteerism conducted in this way can create meaningful impact and lasting relationships.

  • Office drives

Consider organising a collection a few times a year for a local cause such as bulk donations to a local food bank.

  • Volunteer days

Volunteer days enable banter and interaction between employees whose teams would not otherwise intersect, especially if you structure teams ahead of time with a focus on cross-departmental team-building.

  • Company match

To underscore your company’s commitment to giving back, consider a company match on employee donations made to qualifying non-profits. A matching program can be a valuable asset of a businesses’ corporate social responsibility program, and adds to employee participation and enthusiasm.

Your business and the team behind it have the power to create substantial lasting impact through volunteerism and philanthropy.