How do tradespeople get more business?

For your local business to run smoothly, you need a steady stream of customers to keep that cashflow going.

In this article, we look at the best ways you can promote your trade business:

How can I promote my trade business?

With a website

Without business premises, your business website is the best tool in your box for a busy tradesperson.

Enlist a professional for your website to nail down the right keywords to draw the customers in.

Get yourself a website with properly optimised content to target your customers, and the jobs will come rolling in.

black hands browsing social media on mobile phone

Social media savvy

A necessary evil to get your business heard, I am afraid.

Your customers are all over social media, so your business should be too.

Choose your platforms, be consistent, and get it done.

The leaflet drop

If all this digital speak has you in a fix, stick to what you know with a leaflet campaign.

Leaflets are proven to stick around in your potential customer’s houses.

Which is great news for your business, as your leaflet will be in the right place at the right time.

google displayed as a search engine on computer

Google is your friend

Back to the web (sorry!)

Google My Business is a free way of getting your business seen online, building credibility, and fast.

It’ll take around an hour to complete your business details.

Potential customers who see your business listing registered with Google as a legitimate business are much more likely to enlist your services.

Once that’s done, your business listing will be online for customers to find you.

Local business directory

Come on, we couldn’t leave this one out!

An advert in Local Traders Publications costs less than you think, and it is a super effective way of shouting about your business.

After all, if your competitors are advertising in it, shouldn’t you be, too?

Make some noise

By no means is this an exhaustive list. But if you are in the business of generating more business, these tips are a great place to start.

And don’t forget, here at Local Traders we love to talk to local businesses about their campaigns and marketing plans.