Industry Spotlight: Flooring Specialists

Whether you’re looking to improve your home with new carpet or hard wood flooring, look no further for your local flooring specialists.

Choose from laminate, engineered, and solid plank flooring to recapture the beauty of your old floors.

Choosing flooring is far more complicated than just finding the best-looking product. Several other factors—moisture, durability, costs, and more—greatly influence choice of flooring.

How to choose new flooring

There are a few factors to bear in mind when it comes to new flooring for your home:

  • Will your floor be installed in a high-moisture area?
    If so, consider concrete, ceramic or vinyl tile flooring.
  • Do you need a pet-friendly floor?
    Solid hardwood is easily scratched, and isn’t the best choice with pets in the home. Consider durable flooring like laminate, plank vinyl flooring, or carpet.
  • Do you need low maintenance flooring?
    Resilient vinyl flooring is a good option, although laminate is worth looking at too.
  • Do you plan to install heated flooring?
    Not all flooring options are suitable with subfloor heating. Check with your flooring expert for advice.

Choosing the right flooring supplier

Always check numerous samples from flooring suppliers before making a decision. Most providers will offer free quote services before they start work, so you can be confident you’re within budget.

Our recommended flooring specialists

Choose from local specialist flooring companies to revamp your home’s floors for a fresh new look.

Final flooring tips

Discuss your flooring ideas with your flooring expert. Your floor must sit well with your existing furniture and decorative elements already in place.

Ask yourself how much traffic the intended area is likely to receive, how often the floor will need cleaning, and how long you expect your new floor to last.

The right flooring specialist will have answers to your questions, and many more.