Leaflet Advertising Campaigns & Design – the 30 Second Test

Leaflet distribution campaigns can help you grow your business, promote your services and sell your products in a highly targeted manner to the right demographic.

But – and this is a big one – making sure your leaflet advertising campaigns succeed is not only dependant on using a responsible and reliable leaflet distribution company, but on the message that your leaflets deliver.

Designing and making your message clear and actionable is critical and leaflet marketeers should look to have their leaflets designed with a clear goal –

Do your leaflets visually engage and deliver the correct message within the first fleeting seconds the recipient views your leaflet?

no yes and maybe signs on yellow background

As opposed to supporting sales collateral or website copy, leaflets should look to deliver your sales message within 30 words or less.

Visible Call-to-Actions

Consumers today are increasingly time poor, and will not want to read through lots of content to reach the call to action. Look to design leaflets with an eye catching design that is simple to visually navigate and follow through to the call to action – call, visit, order, request a call back, get your discount.

Wording should be politely forceful and channel recipients to a desired action and where possible, avoid time stamping or setting any deadlines.

This will work against the latent effect that leaflet drops are proven to have. Once a leaflet has been delivered to a house, the leaflet typically stays in the house, is pinned to a board or cycled around the multiple residents in the household. Time stamping or setting deadlines can limit the full potential of leaflet advertising.

Be Brand Aware

Short marketing messages with a clear action succeed but also need to have brand highly present. Advertising is a long process but starts with making brand front and central and most importantly memorable. We all (largely) have the same experiences – we’ve never have seen nor heard of a brand but once it has lodged in your brain then you will potentially start seeing it across your daily life.

We get introduced to new brands through TV and other advertising channels and if the message is compelling enough then the strangest thing happens – you start to see that brand on the side of vans, on billboards and other displays and that brand is now lodged in your head – brand promotion and recognition is critical.

Need Leaflet Design Help?

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