Leaflet Distribution in Northampton – What You Need to Know

When planned in the best way, leaflet distribution campaigns can be a super effective way of generating more leads, and more customers.

Leaflet distribution is a powerful marketing channel in Northampton and surrounding areas, but there’s much more involved than simply putting leaflets through letterboxes.

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Here’s some key points to factor in best practices for your next, successful leaflet distribution campaign:

The Design and Print of your Leaflet

Ensure your best leaflets are well produced, professional, and aimed at your researched correct target market.

You only have about 4 seconds to impress your target audience with your leaflet distribution in Northampton and secure their interest; otherwise, it’s out with the rubbish!

The Pricing of your Leaflet Distribution

The price is usually dependent on the number of properties leaflets are delivered to, and how often.

Check the demographics in your chosen delivery areas, and ask for a quote, tailored to your specifications.

Your Target Audience for Leaflet Distribution

One of the most important factors for a successful leaflet distribution campaign in Northampton is targeting the right audience.

With a local campaign to Northampton, you can filter your campaign by distance, location or demographics. So you can choose people who are within a certain distance from your business (miles, or drive time), or perhaps you’d prefer to target the exact type of customer you want to reach if you have done a lot of research.

Door drops are a highly targeted way to reach your audience, and because door drop targeting doesn’t use personal data, GDPR rules don’t apply.

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Shared or Solus Targeted Leaflet Delivery

Decide whether you’d like your leaflet campaign delivered alongside 2-3 other leaflets in Northampton, or whether you’d prefer your leaflets distributed on their own, and GPS tracked. Pricing of the leaflet distribution will be reflected depending on which option you choose.

woman holding up giant red location pin

GPS Leaflet Tracking in Northampton

After the work of completing your leaflets, you want to ensure that they actually get delivered!

Consider a uniquely designed GPS tracking delivery service, with a time-stamped record of each house that has been visited. This proof of delivery is the ultimate reassurance that you will get what you pay for, and that means you can win more business at a higher rate.

For a well-designed, well-written leaflet and expertly planned leaflet distribution campaign, get in touch with us today and take advantage of our years of experience in leaflet distribution and print marketing.