Plan your best leaflet campaign

A leaflet campaign, or any marketing campaign for that matter, isn’t going to come together by itself.

It requires forethought, planning, and an overall goal of what you are looking to achieve from your leaflet campaign.

The 3-month plan

Maybe you are one of those super-organised people, and maybe you have your plan in place for the entire year. If you’re not (and that goes for most of us), try planning just 3 months ahead.. A 3-month plan allows you to review, evaluate and reassess if needed.

By looking at targeting your clients regularly, be that monthly or more it builds a subconscious recognition with your brand. The customer may not require your services the minute they receive the leaflet – but may do so at a later date.

For example, if you receive a oven repair leaflet, this service may not be of use at the time, however fast forward 2 months, and you’ve got a broken oven on your hands, chances are – you are likely to remember the leaflets you have been receiving rather than a one off. One of the key factors is targeting the same homes to build up the brand awareness and their subconscious affinity with your business brand.

beautiful shirt hair white tattooed woman holding blue leaflet

Planning the Campaign

The planning stage of your leaflet campaign poses lots of questions and things to think about. These topics are:

  • Designing your leaflet
  • Ensuring your leaflet includes a clear call-to-action
  • Think about your target audience
  • Consider different fonts for your leaflet
  • Consider different paper for your leaflet
  • Decide which postcodes/radius or specific streets you want to target
  • Manage your marketing budget accordingly

How to Plan your Plan

As you’ve probably guessed, a leaflet campaign is all about the planning. Revert back to good old pen and paper and add any key dates, events and promotions to a calendar so you can refer back to them every so often.

Also, be sure to liaise with your distribution company as to how long their lead times are.

For advice on leaflet campaigns, designing leaflets, GPS tracked leaflet drops, and anything leaflet or printing-related really, simply get in touch with our expert team – we will be delighted to help.