The Revival of Door Drop

Door drop leafleting campaigns have always been there, and have always been a proven marketing channel for businesses. But this is more relevant now than ever.

Over the last few months, and as we head into Lockdown 2.0, over half of the UK working population have been working from home – with around a quarter on furlough.

receiving leaflet and post through the mail as part of a door drop leafleting marketing campaign

This gives a potential audience of 26.5 million people – not including those people who were at home already at home before the lock-down. All of these audiences will see your messages when they get back from work.

As well as more people staying in their homes, an important thing to bear in mind is that some forms of advertising has become much less relevant than it was before – outdoor media for example, and billboard advertising. Adverts usually utilised on public transport are dramatically less effective, as there are less commuters to see the adverts.

Door drop can be used in a variety of ways to connect with your residents and potential clients. With less people outside of the home and unable to visit physical shops, door drop can be used to drive traffic to online stores.

You could offer products or services to people in their houses by delivering samples, leaflets or magazines. And don’t forget, a door drop campaign facilitates keeping in touch with clients, and keeping them in the loop about upcoming new products, services and/or special offers.

An entertaining and engaging door drop leaflet that lands on someone’s doormat can create surprise, and potentially more open to receiving more messages from your business and brand. If your messaging is well-targeted and strategic, it can be all the more powerful.

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