Where’s the best place to deliver leaflets?

We wrote a blog nearly a year ago about the effectiveness of leaflet distribution for your business. And we stand by it today. Leaflet distribution is still a hugely successful form of business advertising, and offers you great return on investment.

Following on from this blog, let’s explore where the best place to deliver your leaflets is. You want your business to be seen by your target audience, so this requires a little thought.

When you distribute your leaflets or flyers to the right places that are relevant to your business, people notice. Let’s explore some targeting options for your leaflets:

Demographic Targeting

Demographic targeting is best-suited for businesses that have a relatively narrow niche. For example, businesses that sell products and services that only appeal to certain types of people – something like B2B software and hair care services.

Geographic Targeting

Geographic targeting involves leaflet distribution in a defined area. For example, you can place leaflets everywhere in a given neighbourhood or within a specific postcode. Geographic targeting is ideal for local businesses that have mass appeal. In other words, businesses that sell products and services that many people need: food services, car services, and lawn care services are examples.

Combination Targeting

Many Northamptonshire businesses can benefit by distributing leaflets according to both geographic and demographic targeting. For example, a landscape gardener might place leaflets in outdoor locations throughout its town (geographic targeting) and send direct-mail leaflets to potential customers who own homes valued at more than £250,000 (demographic targeting).

When you’re planning your leaflet distribution campaign, consider the differences between geographic and demographic targeting so you can put leaflets in places your target audience will notice.

Other Locations

Of course, there are many other locations you can experiment with for your leaflet distribution.


  • Supermarkets
  • Bus stops
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Council offices
  • Vending machines
  • Sports centres
  • Reception areas
  • Community centres