Why choose local businesses and traders?

We’re all about supporting local.

You might expect us to say that – but we say it with good reason! As a Northampton-based business, we see the benefits that our local businesses and traders bring to the area, and we enjoy nothing more than spreading the word through our directories.

But with such easy access to online shopping, the benefits of choosing local businesses and traders can go forgotten…and yet there are so many!

Why choose local businesses and traders?

Here’s why…

It boosts the local economy

Choosing local businesses and traders triggers a cycle of benefits that feed into each other. The money you spend means businesses and traders can develop, which opens up opportunities for growth and the creation of new jobs for local workers.

This helps to create a thriving community. It also means those businesses and traders are more likely to adapt to changing economic climates – they’re sustainable, thanks to loyal customers like you! Choosing local businesses and traders means a healthier local economy – it benefits everyone.

Two cheerful small business owners smiling and looking at camera while standing at entrance door. Happy mature man and mid woman at entrance of newly opened restaurant with open sign board. Smiling couple welcoming customers to small business shop.

It boosts morale and creates a community ‘buzz’

We’ve talked about local businesses and traders creating a thriving community, but there’s a secondary benefit that comes as a result of that. A thriving community creates a community people are proud to be part of that people want to be actively involved in. This boosts morale and creates a ‘buzz’ making it a happy (and popular) place to live.

It helps your village/town/city to stand out

The great thing about local businesses and traders is that they tend to be independent – one of a kind. This kind of individuality helps places to stand out, attracting tourism – another way to boost the local economy.

Top customer experience and a personalised service

The beauty of choosing local businesses and traders is the relationship you’re able to develop, so much so that they become your ‘go-to’ for a whole variety of services. They might be ‘your’ plumber, ‘your’ local fruit and veg shop or ‘your’ local shoe shop. The point is, you wouldn’t use anyone else. Why would you? They provide the best customer service out there. Because they know you so well, they’re able to offer you a personalised service too – the icing on the cake.

carpenter teaching apprentice his craft

This isn’t to say that online and chain businesses don’t ‘do’ customer service, but there’s nothing like local and knowing someone personally. Chances are you’d be happy to recommend their services to your family and friends, which again supports economic growth. Word of mouth referrals are like gold dust!

Experiencing a problem? No problem

Let’s say you encounter a problem and you need someone to help you fix it. As much as robots have their place, sometimes, you just want to speak to a human being!

The massive perk of local businesses and traders is that they’re local. You know where they are, how to reach them easily and you can physically go and see them… which gives you peace of mind. And let’s face it, that’s priceless.

Choosing local businesses and traders…it’s a no-brainer!