Why Marketing is a Numbers Game, and How to Win

If you want customers, they first need to discover you.

Marketing is simply leveraging channels to gain visibility for your product or service.

For every multitude of people that hear about your company, only a small percentage will take the next step to check you out – and an even smaller percentage will actually buy. It’s a numbers game. You need to reach many in order to capture a few. As a small business owner you need to fight for attention.

One way to get noticed is to place an advert in Local Traders Publications Directory. Current distribution stands at 42,500 homes and businesses.

athletic field numbered lanes

That’s 42,500 opportunities to get your business brand and name out there.

And with the secure GPS Tracking Service, you have a guarantee that your leaflet campaigns are being delivered.

According to industry studies, 48% of consumers respond to leaflet ads while 79% of recipients either keep, pass on to someone, glance over the contents of the flyer.

Measure, rinse and repeat

Leaflet distribution gives you full control over where you advertise, making it easier to accurately gauge performance and success.  It’s a good idea to use a promotion or voucher to help you track response to your leafleting activity. Give different campaigns or delivery areas unique promotional codes or vouchers so you can compare and measure the results.

Like other direct marketing techniques, leafleting is a numbers game and the bottom line is cost per response.

Once you have calculated this, you can roll out the most successful creative approaches to the most responsive areas.

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